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Take advantage of an unique opportunity to learn from leading coach, developer of Lattice Training and world famous crack climber, Tom Randall


World renowned climbing coaches Tom Randall & Ollie Torr will be conducting a series of assessments as well as running training workshops aimed at climbers and climbing coaches

Tom Randall built the first Lattice Board in 2009 and has been assessing and working with many of the UK’s best climbers for over 7 years. Whilst his original work was with elite level competition climbers he now works with V14 boulderers, 9b sport climbers and European IFSC podium placers. His passion for making sure the underlying sports science matches up with accurate analysis of climbers’ performance is what drives his continued development of Lattice Training.

Ollie Torr, ex-gymnast and qualified personal trainer delivers to the Lattice team a depth of knowledge and experience in strength training that’s rarely found in the climbing community. His obsession with performance has led him to a 1st class degree in Sports Science and training elite athletes in a number of sports, all backed up by the ability to climb at a high level. He comprises the other half of the coaching and assessment team along with Tom Randall.


Lattice Board Assessment

The Lattice Board is the original performance analysis method invented and developed by Tom Randall. It remains a critical tool in the continued development of what we do here at Lattice Training. As we broaden the horizons of who we work with, the data set collected becomes more powerful and hence more useful to the individual climbers we coach. We also use the 6 years worth of results from this board to cross reference all our data from the Lattice Performance Analysis package so that you know the results are valid.
The Lattice Board Assessment uses a long established testing methodology to measure your:

  • Maximal grip strength
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Aerobic power (or power endurance)
  • Movement economy and climbing pace
  • Climbing specific muscle function

The assessment session is completed on the new Awesome Walls Dublin Lattice Board and takes around 2hrs to complete. The data collected is analysed to assess the above performance factors and (like our Performance Analysis package) also allows cross referencing, so you can see how you compare to other climbers of a similar grade.

  • includes written feedback report and data analysis

Price: €150


Lattice training 1:

Strength and power training for climbers 

1 x morning session @ 10.30am-12.30
1 x afternoon session @ 2.30-4.30

Ollie Torr will be providing his years of experience as a national level gymnast and bouldering specialist to help you make gains in your strength and power. As a rings and fingerboard specialist, Ollie will be running through a variety of training methods for both tools, showing you how to make the most of your base strength levels and then building power on top.

At Lattice, we’re big fans of both of these methods and we’ll be sharing all our knowledge and techniques! This session will be very practical based, so please make sure that you come prepared for lots of experimentation and trying out all of the exercises!

Price: €75


Lattice training 2:

Endurance training and core conditioning for climbers

1 x morning session @ 10.30am-12.30
1 x afternoon session @ 2.30-4.30

As a route climbing expert, Tom’s knowledge as a trainer and “upside down trad climber” will be shared in this workshop. He’s worked with the Olympic Diving Team and also spent thousands of hours hanging upside down with his climbing partner Pete Whittaker, so he’s well equipped to show you exactly what builds a core of steel! In addition to this, he will also be showing you how to make the most of your winter endurance training and how not to spend hours down the wall covering those “wasted miles” on routes or boulders. There’s lots of tricks and tips to really using your time in a very efficient way when climbing inside. This session will be even split between both areas and includes lots of climbing and engagement of those abs!

Price: €75


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