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Team building through combination of trust and excitement whilst climbing for fun

At Awesome Performance our objective is to energise your team, motivate them and show them just how far they can exceed beyond their perceived limits when they effectively work together. Your team already possess the skills and ability to drive your business forward – we’re here to help them realise this progress by identifying and then making the best of each of their own unique strengths.

Climbing provides the ideal vehicle for such team focused development. As a sport climbing stands out from the crowd as an elite pursuit. Perhaps through its very nature of scaling inaccessible heights it has set itself apart from many other physical activities in this regard. It could be due to the high levels of mental focus required to remain calm in a stressful position. One thing is remains clear – there are many benefits and opportunities associated with applying climbing activities to team building. It requires focus, trust, communication and strategy to make it to the top – just like EVERY business. Success can often require calculated risk taking and dynamic outcome appraisal – all attributes we at Awesome Performance help bring to the surface.

Our team building through climbing packages are an unrivalled way to refresh your team, entertain clients or reward your hard working staff. Everyone gets involved within their comfort levels and more importantly – everyone has fun! We take care of everything with our experienced and professional instructors, world class facility and flawless safety record.

Packages range from €20 per person to €90 per person depending on the duration of event. Our standard four hour €50 package comprises the following:

  • Meet and greet
  • Icebreaking team activity
  • Introduction to climbing with instructor supervision
  • Brief review and break for refreshments
  • Leadership and communication focused scenario game
  • Team Trust Climbing – participants take on responsibility for peers and learn new skills
  • Review and round up

Additional features such as function room and board room facilities, outdoor climbing sessions, abseils and bespoke catering options are available on request to allow you to structure your perfect corporate day out.

Online Registration

If you are already an experienced Climber or Boulderer you can complete our registration form in advance of your first visit and save time at your first Check In!


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