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Offering a choice of packages for Transition Year students to gain qualification whilst having fun

Transition Year (TY) NICAS packages

We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment and expert tuition to help your students learn new skills and adapt to a different environment – one in which safety, communication and confidence are not just important, they’re essential.

The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) is a multinational scheme designed to promote climbing development, personal health and accredit individual achievement. Climbing at Awesome Walls provides the ideal vehicle for this scheme. NICAS provides a structure for development, motivation and improved personal performance while encouraging participants to maintain a written record of their journey.

At Awesome Walls we found that through a structured syllabus of skill introduction and consolidation delivered over a period of weeks, TY students are taken from a beginner level to a competence level allowing them to safely guide beginners up (and down) our Awesome Walls. With a high degree of emphasis placed on team work and trust, TY students leave our NICAS courses with skills and character strengths that are widely transferable throughout their educational studies and future careers.

TY NICAS packages can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual school with typical courses running for between 4 and 10 weeks during term-time. Prices range from €9 to €16 per participant with longer term bookings and larger group sizes benefiting from increased economies of scale. Weekly sessions are normally one and a half hours and students receive a logbook and certificates as standard. Additional sessions such as an outdoor climbing day, school visit comprising of a guest speaker or educational visit to Glasnevin museum can also be included to help fill your students TY portfolio.

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If you are already an experienced Climber or Boulderer you can complete our registration form in advance of your first visit and save time at your first Check In!


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