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Lattice Training & Assessments

Measure your current state of climbing-specific fitness and strength and have an expert coach analyse your functional climbing movement.

Discover exactly what your current potential grades are AND understand exactly what type of climbing or training needs to take place in order to achieve your dream goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

All this information will be processed and presented to you in a comprehensive and personal report which can be used to set future goals, inform future training or climbing plans or as a benchmark to gauge your progress over time.

The Lattice Board is the creation of Professional Climbers, Coaches and Engineers. It is simply put, the world’s first systematic testing and training system for climbers and mountain athletes.

With a Lattice Board Assessment, the coach is able to collect objective performance data on boulderers and route climbers, process the results through the Lattice analysis software and then use this information to influence future training direction and inform clients about their current climbing level and highlight any imbalances or weaknesses in their physical and metabolic profile.

The Lattice Board Assessment uses a long-established testing methodology to measure your:

  • Maximal grip strength
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Aerobic power (or power endurance)
  • Movement economy and climbing pace
  • Climbing specific muscle function

The assessment session is completed on the new Awesome Walls Dublin Lattice Board and takes around 2hrs to complete. The data collected is analysed to assess the above performance factors and also allows cross-referencing, so you can see how you compare to other climbers of a similar grade.

At present, the Lattice Board has been rigorously tested and trialled on climbers from 6c+ (5.11+) to 9b (5.15) and V5-V15 and we, therefore, feel that this is the most appropriate standard for a climber to obtain before coming to test on this particular facility.

Whilst it is not impossible for lower grade climbers to use the Lattice Board we want to be absolutely sure that your results are valid. We continue to pride ourselves in a testing methodology that can be backed by strong evidence and science-based conclusions and thus (for the moment) the Lattice Board remains applicable to a closed performance set. If you are outside of this range then the taking advantage of one of our coaching products may be more appropriate in the short term.

Lattice Board testing is only suitable for people whom are uninjured and in excellent physical health. Climbers under the age of 18 may complete this testing but must first gain written permission from a parent and with the knowledge of their professional coach (if they work with one).

  • includes written feedback report and data analysis

Cost €125

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