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#ClimbFit personal training and tailored fitness programmes

Climbing as a leisure activity is great fun, exciting and social. Did you know that as a physical training vehicle, climbing is uniquely effective! Through its very nature, climbing involves supporting your own body mass while moving over a varied and challenging terrain. Climbing requires physical control, utilises your body’s fullest range of motion and leads to developing lean, effective muscle mass. As the national centre for indoor climbing in Ireland, Awesome Walls boasts the largest expanse of climbing surface and training facilities in the country. Let our expert coaches tailor a training programme specific to your current ability and structured to help you achieve your goals: weight management, strength/conditioning, improved mobility/flexibility or physical rehabilitation. Due to the non-impact nature and whole body effort, climbing is an ideal way to develop your fitness and wellbeing safely while having fun. Our coaches ensure that you get the most out of your time and from our facility. We know the right techniques and the appropriate tools to help you on your way to a new level of whole body fitness and climbing standards.

#ClimbFit Programme €120

Includes the following:

  • 1 hour trainer assessment and coaching session
  • personalised training plan
  • 1 hour trainer follow up and coaching session
  • 4 week unlimited access Awesome Walls pass

Benefit: priceless!

Online Registration

If you are already an experienced Climber or Boulderer you can complete our registration form in advance of your first visit and save time at your first Check In!


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