Benefits of Climbing

Climbing used to be considered the preserve of adrenaline junkies but has now moved mainstream with the onset of indoor climbing walls.  It’s benefits can be split into three areas, Physical, Mental and Social.  Climbing is one of the best total body workouts available and it’s a unique sport in which both men and women are equally capable.  It’s not all about strength.  It’s about finding balance in movement and technique.  Each route or problem is like a puzzle that with practise builds the climbers problem solving and planning capabilities.  Although the actual climbing is pretty much you against the wall you’re climbing on it is an inherently social sport usually done with groups of friends and no matter if people are of different abilities the variety of climbs at the wall allows them to climb together.

What is Climbing? What is Bouldering?

Traditionally done outdoors, climbing is the activity and sport of moving generally upwards across vertical terrain using both your hands and feet.  Indoor climbing involves using protection such as ropes and harnesses to safeguard you as you move higher up the wall.  Bouldering on the other hand involves no rope for protection but is done on shorter climbs (traditionally on boulders outdoors) or problems with specialized matting underneath for protection.

Here at Awesome Walls we have both indoor climbing walls as well as bouldering walls allowing you to experience and train on whichever type of climbing you want.

See how Alan from Ireland AM got on with his climbing challenge

Want to try Climbing?

If you are new to climbing and would like to give it a go the place to start is our Taster Session. These are an hour long with an instructor where you will be taught all the essentials in using the centre and climbing for fun. Booking is essential and it is for a minimum of 2 people, see here for details.

If there is a group of you who would like to give it a go avail of our group rates. We can accomodate group sizes from 4 participants to over 100! With an instructor ratio of 1:7 we run 1 or 1.5 hour sessions at a time that suits you.

Kids Climb!

Looking for a new activity where your child can make new friends and build strength and confidence?

Kids Climb is a 2 hour casual and fun climbing session with one of our instructors.   Kids Climb is perfect for kids who are brand new to or beginning the sport of rock climbing and want to see what it is all about.  Booking is required, for further information and to book a session see our Kids Climb page.

What if I already know how to belay?

Have you climbed before and know how to tie a rope to your harness and belay your partner? If Yes you can come in at any time, sign our disclaimer form at the reception when you get there and hey presto the centre is yours!  Note we will ask you some climbing related questions to verify you just in case.

Need help finding a climbing partner?

There are a few ways to find a climbing partner at Awesome Walls.

  • Join our Facebook Awesome Walls community page and post an inquiry.
  • Every Tuesday evening 5-8pm we run a Social Climbing session for experienced lead climbers and beginning top-ropers alike looking to improve or just meet some new people! No need to book, simply turn up and get climbing!
  • We also offer a private 1:1 coaching session at €40 per hour.

Online Registration

If you are already an experienced Climber or Boulderer you can complete our registration form in advance of your first visit and save time at your first Check In!


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