Awesome walls is proud to host Ireland’s largest selection of top quality climbing challenges. Our routes are frequently reset by the country’s top climbers ensuring our members always have new challenges to entertain them and hone their skills.


Awesome walls has the largest and most varied expanse of indoor bouldering terrain in Ireland. With over 1000 square meters of bouldering surface across two dedicated levels – you’ll find plenty of challenges to ensure an Awesome work out.


The dedicated training facilities at Awesome Walls are cutting edge and combine to represent the best climbing-specific training venue in the country. Finger boards, campus boards, bars, rings, weights, system boards, traverses, auto belays, steep boards… we’ll get you fit!

Auto belays

The Auto belay units installed on the roped walls at Awesome Walls are hugely popular with our members. Great as a warm up activity or as a quick hit climbing fix perhaps in your lunch hour. All the fun and exposure of a lead climb but without the need for a belayer.


Awesome walls is the ideal vehicle for developing your general health and fitness. Climbing is a whole body activity and as such can be used effectively to develop core stability and build all body tone. Unlike many fitness routes, climbing is non-impact, joint friendly, exciting and fun – making it a fitness activity you WANT to return to again and again… We provide personal training, boot camps, physio, yoga, pilates, injury prevention workshops.


We provide a range of coaching options for our members – Free women’s coaching Wednesdays, free boulder coaching Thursdays, private coaching sessions and personal training by appointment. Our instructors and coaches are the best and most experienced climbers in the country with the know-how and qualifications to effectively show you how to best improve your climbing.


Our members are the core of Awesome Walls. We love the energy and the positivity they bring to the centre on a daily basis. That’s why we love hosting social climbing meets and member get-together’s. Climbing is best done together after all and it’s this awesome social scene that our members and team thrive on.


We host the biggest and the best climbing events in the country. National championships, lead competitions, boulder competitions, equipment demos, climber talks, national film premiers, lectures, charity events, book signings – if you love climbing culture then you’ve come to the right place!

Meet our Routesetters

Focusing on providing you with the very best experience here at Awesome Walls we are obsessed with giving you frequent and exciting new problems to climb all the time.  To do this we only employ the very best to route set for us and often get route setters from around the world to spice things up a little

Michael Duffy

Michael Duffy aka “Irelands Strongest Dad” is a dedicated husband and father, a talented architect and photographer but as a climber he is unchallenged as Irelands strongest. Despite learning to climb in Dublin’s Dalkey quarry through an apprenticeship in traditional climbing, Michael now focuses on hard bouldering. He is responsible for over 300 quality first ascents around Ireland and has established Irelands hardest problems to date (Soul Revolution 8B+, Black Power 8A+, Wonderland 8B, Contact 8A+, The Hills have Eyes 8A+). As a route setter Michael has set for national championships, youth championships, boulder events, leagues and intervarsities.


  • Traditional – Climbing E6 from age 14
  • Sports – First ascent of 8a+
  • Boulder – First ascents of multiple boulder problems up to font 8B+ and numerous hard repeats of 8th grade boulders across Europe.

Ricky Bell

Ricky Bell is currently living the dream as a professional climber being sponsored by Scarpa, DMM and Marmot.  He has been the undisputed star of Irish traditional climbing since he began climbing high E numbers in the mid noughties. Despite being best known for his traditional climbing he is an accomplished sports climber and boulderer and is responsible for many of the hardest first ascents in all disciplines around Ireland. Ricky has travelled widely around the world, climbing at many of the high profile venues in France, Spain, Sardinia, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and the US. As a route setter Ricky has set for national championships, youth championships, boulder events, leagues and intervarsities as well as delivering best practice training for setters working at height for Mountaineering Ireland.


  • Traditional – Numerous E9 repeats and first ascents
  • Sports – Quick ascents of 8b sports routes across multiple locations
  • Boulder – First ascents of multiple boulder problems up to font 8B

Brian Hall

Brian has exploded onto the Irish climbing scene since 2012 and has rapidly gained experience as a full time route setter. Probably best known for his impressive onsight ascents of hard traditional routes around Ireland including – Above and Beyond E6, Bitter Aftertaste E6 and Northern Exposure E5 6B, 6B, 6b. Brian has also enjoyed success with quick headpoints of some notable E7’s such as Very Big Springs, The thing in the forest and Slapstick. He has set for national championships and boulder events and is currently working with Mountaineering Ireland to organise and set for the national leading league as well as organising both the national senior and junior lead championships.


  • Traditional – Numerous E7 headpoints and E6’s onsight
  • Sports – Quick ascents of 7c+ sports routes in Europe
  • Boulder – Comfortable bouldering high Font 7’s – has flashed font 7B

Guest Setters

We love inviting the best international setters to come and create climbs for our members, here are a few friends who have visited in the past…

Online Registration

If you are already an experienced Climber or Boulderer you can complete our registration form in advance of your first visit and save time at your first Check In!


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