Mint Conditions is our FUN, lighthearted and social bouldering competition!

The problems will range from our red circuit all the way up to yellow, so there’ll be a little something for everyone to enjoy!

Overall league rankings will be based on competitors’ top 3 round results.

Each round lasts for 2 weeks and normal entry fees apply.

There will be a Male and a Female category for each competition AND there is a twist:

EVERYONE who submits a scorecard for 3 or 4 rounds will be included in a random prize draw!


Best of luck!

Spring 2023 Dates - Dublin

14th March – 28th March
20th April – 4th May
18th May – 1st June
15th June – 29th June

Spring 2023 Dates - Cork

7th March – 21st March
20th April – 4th May
16th May – 30th May
13th June – 27th June

There will be 20 boulders in each round with a straightforward and familiar scoring system:

Top on the first attempt: 10 points

Top on the second attempt: 7 points

Top on the third attempt: 4 points

Top on any attempt after: 2 points



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