Why a birthday party at Awesome Walls Dublin is great for Kids?

A birthday party at Awesome Walls Dublin is an exhilarating adventure for kids. It combines the thrill of indoor climbing with a fun and celebratory atmosphere. With expert supervision, exciting challenges, and a safe environment, it's a unique and active way for kids to celebrate, fostering teamwork, confidence, and making unforgettable memories.

Why a birthday party at Awesome Walls Dublinis great for Parents?

A birthday party at Awesome Walls Dublin is a win for parents. With hassle-free planning, expert supervision, and a thrilling setting, it ensures a memorable celebration without the stress. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are in a safe and exciting environment, creating special moments that everyone will cherish.


If you are new to climbing or want to try out a different style, you will need to book a session with one of our awesome instructors. 

All inductions need to be pre-booked before you visit our centre.

New Climber

If you are new to climbing, you will need to book a session with one of our awesome instructors before you visit our centre. 

Experienced Climber

If you are an experienced climber, you do not need to pre-book but you will need to sign a risk form before you can start climbing at our centre.

Group Climbing

If you’re bringing a group along to share the fun, you will need to pre-book before visiting our centre.

Our team of highly experienced and friendly instructors are here to provide you with support and encouragement every step of the way. 

We take great care to ensure you experience an awesome session and push your comfort levels in a way where you feel confident to keep challenging yourself.

New Climber

If you have booked a session with us, all equipment is included and will be provided by our centre.

Experienced Climber

Our equipment hire caters to all of our climbing activities. Simply rock up to our centre and choose what you need to get going.

If you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring this along with you. Just remember to take it away with you when you finish your session!

Sportswear or any clothing you can move around and breathe comfortably in is ideal. Wearing layers can help to keep you warm before getting stuck in and for when you start cooling down.

Trainers or rock shoes are the most suitable footwear for climbing. You can hire rock shoes at any of our centres and you may want to invest in a pair of your own as you progress.

Our awesome sessions are suitable for all climbers from 6 years old and above.

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